12th October 2020

Covid Updates

We understand that this is a hugely emotional time for all our clients and want to assure you that we are here for you every step of the way. We are here to discuss any changes, meet with you in a socially distanced Covid secure way if face to face communication is preferred. We can offer a zoom call if you are anxious about meeting at the venue. We want to help and support each and every client and we will be as flexible as possible by providing date changes were appropriate. We will update our Covid policies continually and in line with any new changes that occur. We know that these are unprecedented times and the uncertainty can be overwhelming at present. Just get in contact and we will be here to help every step of the way.

PRE-COVID WEDDINGS (before March 2020)

If you booked a wedding before the pandemic restrictions were imposed in March 2020 then we have been offering clients affected unlimited FREE date transfers, with no extra charges for further administration and meeting fees. The new dates MUST be confirmed with us as well as your venue and registrar to ensure we can provide our services on the new prospective date to ensure the contract is not compromised. If new dates are booked without prior consultation and we are not available on this date then the contract will be deemed terminated and the client will forgo any monies paid under the original contract. This ensures we have your items originally booked, free and available for your new wedding date. Also this protects the owner from any loss of earnings.


Dates can only be changed for FREE if the government stop weddings from going ahead OR if number restrictions are put in place. When you book a wedding with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. If a date change is required then the client is accepting this as opposed to a cancellation, when 6 months has passed from your original due date then a cancellation is no longer an option. If a cancellation then occurs due to unforeseen circumstances then no party is deemed liable.


If a package is booked with us and chair covers and sashes are provided up to a certain amount. This cannot then be amended at a later date due to the number of guests being changed due to government guidelines. The packages we provide are heavily discounted and account for these changes. If a client does not want certain elements of the original package then all items hired will be priced individually instead as we cannot change package prices if circumstances change.

POST- COVID WEDDINGS (After March 2020)

When you book a wedding with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions as stated on our website. All weddings booked by our clients after March 2020 will be aware that date changes can and possibly will occur due to the pandemic. We can offer ONE free date change without any further costs to the client. Cancellations can only be made 6 Months prior to your original wedding date booked, if a client accepts a date change and a cancellation then occurs due to unforeseen circumstances then no party is deemed liable and the client will forgo any monies paid to date.


All booking/ holding fees are non-refundable. If you decide to cancel due to number restrictions and the date has already been moved from your original date, but we can still provide our services on this day then the booking will be the in breach of contract by the client and the date will be released. The contract will be void and any monies paid to date will therefore be non-refundable. This is to ensure we can cover our loss of earnings for a date that we cannot provide our services being booked without prior knowledge, administration, meetings and communication fees.

We can provide a FREE date change for our clients, where all of your monies paid and items booked will be transferred across to your new date. We will work with you and liaise with your venue to ensure you get the same service and items booked as your original date. If dates need to be changed more than once and are then moved to another year then a fee for any price increases may be charged.

We cannot provide refunds if we are not free on your new preferred date change, all new date changes MUST be discussed prior to a registrar being re-booked or a venue changes the date. All parties must be free and available on the same day. Cancellations can only happen six months before your original date booked.